Hiring a woman


  • To be honest with you, I have intereviewed a lot of women candidates and these biases do exist in a lot of interviewers minds, including mine.

    Not to take anything away from women or their capabilities, but some of the things that you mentioned above are ‘misused’ by women to get away with lesser work than their colleagues (I say colleagues and not men). And men also misuse some of these excuses more often than not.

    In my experiences, gender has no role to play with regards to the brilliance or capabilities of an individual in the workplace, but unfortunately we live in a world where even if we are not gender biased, our bosses are and end of day, we have to listen to our bosses, don’t we 🙁

    Awesome post, btw.

  • Agreed!
    Men face the wrath of bias too. Being a professional (31 vayasu), I couldnt get a house for rent. First question- IT ya? Illa Architect. Second question- Brahmin a? Appa amma Brahmins. All negoriations over. Finally- Married dhane? No, but appa amma coming over. Sorry sir, families ku mattum dhan veedu. Wtf?
    Recently I took up employment after 2 vetti yrs. Wudve attended 4 -5 interviews and in atleast 3 of them my marital status went against me (more than 30 y still unmarried? Parents havent found u a match? ).

    So its not just women, men face this problem too. Maybe women are not preferred in labour centric jobs, but really not sure how far its true in other mass industries like IT and BPOs.

  • One of the interviewer commented on my freind during a interview that she will be married in two years and will have six kids.. she was so upset with this.. everytime she tries to fight everything n think of her dreams there r ppl like this who pull u down!!!!

  • As a manager in a a big MNC and one who has more than half of the team of women , most of them married and some even having kids , I can tell you this is BS. You have to create an environment for them to work , provide flexibility and clearly mention what is negotiable and what is not.. I let a team mate work from home for extended period and she worked till last week of pregnancy . I have been clear on work objectives and she was honest enough to work with dedication . We need to support women through challenging years of life.
    If women need safety at night then we as society failed to provide them safe environment. For every woman whose MIL wants her to come home there is a set of men who do not support their wives and let MILS dictate . So ,problem is bigger than what we see.

    I write Divorced on my status and interviewers normally avoid that section . It makes them uncomfortable.

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