Blog | ‘Aadai’: Dear male filmmakers, please don’t misuse your freedom to make feminist films.


  • i am still waiting to see or atleast hear one feminist cry foul with ban on abortion in USA.
    why i am talking about usa is it is here that all this crap about feminism started.
    if a woman wants to be naked well not only men but women also will see!!
    it is the women who want to show their body ..take advantage of it.
    it is not just a womans body that was considered sacred the progeny she is going to bear and the society that is to flourish were taken into consideration…
    time has changed and relevant changes are taking place..but these young girls who want total feminism whatever that means havent seen other countries or religions that treat women worse than dogs..

  • Such a shame. I expected the movie would be great for women. Big let down. Still wonder why men always find a way to advice women and try to ‘put them in their place’!

  • Thank you! I have been shamed so much by woke bois for not loving this movie. I had such a hard time properly putting my thoughts into words but you did it so beautifully and now I can just send them this link. I’m really glad that I have found your blog.

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