Blogging for the joy of it

After a two yearlong hibernation from blogging, I realised what’s generally weird still remains normal to me. Before I took off to the UK with just my madness for company, I was blogging regularly. I had lots of things to say about a lot of things. I was loud, aggressive and opinionated. Before you imagine I have changed, I must warn you that I am still loud, aggressive and highly opinionated. But you see? Two years have passed and I have grown older, so wiser I would like to believe. That way, my loudness hasn’t reduced much, but I have learnt to hear myself and so stop when I am getting loud. My aggression has sobered down metamorphosing gradually into responsible activeness. I am still highly opinionated. That bit I will show you on this blog! Welcome back! This time around, I will give you a reason to read on.