Day One

<The diary of a Twitter v0yeur – day one> If you don’t know what this means, you’ll probably have to read the previous posts tagged <the diary of a twitter v0yeur>

Phew. This was a Friday. If normal Friday wasn’t bad enough, this was my first no-Twitter-Friday in ages. I went to office, uninstalled all applications and got straight to work. Wrote down a priority list on a book with a pen and began finishing them all up, one at a time. A lot seemed to have got done. Like everyday this week, I left early on Friday too. I was dreading returning home.

Driving home at 6 on a Friday evening for a lifeless teetotaller means painful amounts of Tweeting and sulking. Argh. How do I kill that? I decided to run away, quite literally. Got home and ran to reach my iPod – that goddamned thing hadn’t been used ever since I got on Twitter and it had died a slow death. No music – I had to run to the music in my mind (remember the insecurities playing dappangoothu? That only.)

Walked from home and got to that park near home. Started running. If you were asthmatic, you’d know that breathing normal is the only thing you can think about while running. Twitter? Whodat?

I got home with my knees trembling with no energy to set up my computer and tweet about the awesomeness of running. Temptation killed.

Day one wasn’t so bad. Not so bad because no one noticed!