Day three

<The diary of a Twitter v0yeur – day three> If you don’t know what this means, you’ll probably have to read the previous posts tagged <the diary of a twitter v0yeur>

Ayyo. Sunday. This is the time when the #knowledgeableChennaiCrowd is talking about the fantastic-ness of the Sunday coffee. Ayyo. I have no plans and can think of nothing to do.

I slyly log in to Twitter first thing in the morning. Nobody cared. All the flirts on my timeline are happily flirting away. All the people I am fond of are talking to people they are fond of. All the link sharers are sharing links. People are still sly tweeting. Some are still outraging. #ananthaisstillamazing #msnarainisstillhot


I go back and watch Midnight in Paris – one of Woody Allen’s gems. When you watch a movie that makes you immensely happy, what do you do? Ten points! Tweet about it! I slyly log in again. Nada! Log out.

I write about it. And return to watching the next scheduled film of the day. The help. Half way through the film, I get a threatening blackmail call from someone. Che! Mood off. When in crisis, what do you so? #WellOfcourse Tweet about it and ask for help. #ThenAgain I am off Twitter you see? I go to sleep mighty pissed. <Desperately hoping this threat wouldn’t be the biggest problem of my near future, potential there definitely is>

I wake up and check mail. Damn! That awkward moment when you get a mail from someone from Twitter asking you why you’ve suddenly disappeared from Twitter – the mail you were hoping wouldn’t come. Argh. Mood off. I want to go back. No. Reply to mail and finish the movie you left midway.

Also today is the day @tecoholic told me that without me, his timeline has no charm. Hi @tecoholic! I didn’t think we’ve met. That’s the nicest thing I’ve heard in a long time. I appreciate it. Much. 😀