Day Two

<The diary of a Twitter v0yeur – day two> If you don’t know what this means, you’ll probably have to read the previous posts tagged <the diary of a twitter v0yeur>

It was a Saturday and hell, what else to people do on Saturdays than tweet about it? I decided to take care of some chores. The ever satisfying cleaning, dish-washing, ironing and the like. When on the verge of Tweeting my boredom away, I got this idea of learning to ride a geared bike that I’ve been dreaming of for over 7 years now. Bugged Umesh and began.

Whatte wow that was! For the 30 or so minutes that I rode the bike, there were 3 things on my mind.

  1. Break below my feet
  2. Clutch in my left hand will not stop the bike
  3. I have two right feet and I can’t change gears to save my life.

I got back without a scratch but there was an epiphany! You can keep your mind off anything in this world while you are learning something new that could potentially kill you (okay, hurt you).

I came back and saw @kkarthik had found me missing (yes, the language is intentional). Told him I am off for a while and ended that polite conversation. I am beaming in joy inside. It has been three days and someone actually noticed! Yeay!