Day Zero – part II

If you’ve snapped out of denial, the obvious next step is to deal with it. #PudhiyaThathuvam

My fulltu plan to stay away from Twitter and find the life I seem to have lost somewhere along the way!

Throw the tools

If you’ve ever quit smoking, you’d know the number of lighters you’d have to throw before you finally quit. That’s the first step. Get rid of the goddamned smartphone and get yourself a basic phone that doesn’t have Internet connectivity. It’s funny how I was still playing ‘snake’ on my Nokia 2100 while in the loo. Well, it’s tough to carry a book to the loo at work, isn’t it? 😉

The next step was the one that my IT would have loved – getting rid of all Twitter clients on my browsers. Uninstalled all Twitter clients on all my browsers making Twitter for web the only way I can reach Twitter. Considering how much I hate that interface, my mission got easier!

Find a friend outside of Twitter and hang on to him/ her

This is the nicest part. Find a friend who does not think #msnarainishot or #ananthaisamazing or is a fan of @localteaparty or calls CBag CBag! Find that friend who is from the real world, catch up with them for coffee and confess. Ensure you tell them about all the Twitter people you are fond off too. That way, think of all the people who will miss you when you’re gone and be prepared for the temptation they may bring along!

Diverting the mind

This is the toughest part. If for months on end, you wake up and tweet, think in hashtags and crack the not-so-funny-for-Twitter-muggles jokes, keeping Twitter off your mind is the toughest part. How I diverted my mind and stayed off Tweeting is a whole new chapter!