Ilamai – A man’s point of view

It’s one of those hep hero introduction songs that the man sings in the bathroom while washing his hair. There are plenty like this in Tamil cinema. This gem popped out while my iPod was shuffling songs! This is such Whatte wow!

Song: Ilamai vidugadhai

Film: Varalaaru (Godfather)

Music Director: A R Rahman (who also rendered two more remix versions of this gem)

Lyricist: Vairamuthu


And literally it translates to this!

Youth is a riddle (#ok)
Women are answers (yes, they have no youth of their own)
How many parrots in cages in Tamilnadu (oh, women can fly)
Each one of them should come home (fly home, of course)
Through the night, spread your wings and talk poetry (that so doesn’t sound right!)
When it is morning, I will hide it, you go (or something to that effect)

Youth is a riddle
Women are answers (#ok)

A satellite would know the treasure hidden in the ground (#whatte)
Only nature would know the treasure hidden in a woman (I’ve heard worse about treasure being dug out, I swear)
Oh female breeze, show me the cold sides of your hot body (sensuality, is it?)
My eyes are on your chest (#honest)
I had decided to live like Lord Ram post marriage (And?)
Until then of course, I have begun my efforts towards living like Lord Dasarathan! (Mythology mess)

Youth is a riddle
Women are answers (#ok)

I am your hero (What’s new)
But I am the villain for your clothes (That!)
If I touch your love organ (Uh huh?)
Your shyness would break (Sure)
On the chest there is much, why aren’t you generous, don’t kill me, come running to plant the root on my chest (Sorry?)
Let the distance between us both be filled with kisses (Lolwut?)
Let the wrinkles in our hearts be ironed out by our lips (ok. That’s it)

Oh oh oh oh sophiya maalika fouziya oh oh yaashika! (Caste no bar. Religion no bar.)

<And the loop>