Sadistically addicted playboy!

Just as much as I want to write a blog post every single day, I find myself stuck in a conflict of what to write about. I really do think of so many things during the day and I also want to write about it. And then the thought strikes! ‘Who wants to listen to what I have to say?’ Trying so hard to kill that thought, I come back to visit my blog and some 42 people were actually interested in what I had to say about Endhiran! 42 is a large number you see, considering it’s my first blog post and I am trying to rebuild my network of followers on the blogosphere.

Now knowing that there are people who want to read about things I think, I am going to write about a trend (not so recent but something that is absurd) that I have come to notice lately.

Let’s start with where I got the idea. I am following Barkha Dutt on Twitter (Damn! What was I thinking!). Her introduction says “news addict.” Someone I know is addicted to wordpress. Shruti Hassan is addicted to God-only-knows-what! Just as I got past the weirdness of the various addictions, someone I met today called himself a mobile phone freak! Someone’s a geek, someone a nerd, someone mad and someone else a devil. Am I the only one that notices the negative connotations that all these words possess? Since when is addiction a good thing? Cigarettes or news, any addiction is a disease! How much pride can one take in being mad! Like really! Come on now!

Taking my eyes off my Twitter page and my mind of this thought, I left home to take a ride around the city. (Okay okay. I went to a shop nearby!) Something really interested caught my eye. The rear displays on vehicles. This alone can be made into a whole big blog. I saw this two-wheeler that said ‘if you want to fuck your life, love a girl’. I am calming down the feminist horns that are popping on my head and letting you make your judgement on this one (hard one if you know me!)

Moving on, the number of bikes that have the ugly playboy rabbit is appalling. I knew someone who once said “Even the deodorant I use is playboy. What do you expect?” when he was asked if he had a girlfriend! (If you must know, he never had a girlfriend in his life!) I know someone whose bike said “no mercy”. The boy couldn’t say “no” to save his life. He was the most hurt punching bag I have ever known. Wait a minute! He probably was saying “No. Mercy.” Like “no thank you” in French! Something that he could never say to anyone at work!

The best I have seen till date is a bike that said ‘sadist’ on it. Nothing more nothing less. Just the word sadist written on the glass over the light in the front. In a slant, a font that is quite curvy, size that can’t be more than 10. Strange! Without realising it, I read it out loud and he must have heard me. He had a really embarrassed look on his face. My verdict: He deserves to be!

Apologising very politely for all the people I have insulted (without the intention) in this post, I’d like to reinstate that the point I am trying to make is that these days ‘bad is cool’. I am cool if I were a playboy (the feminist jumps out to say, if a woman sleeps around, she is a slut! Bloody double standards!). Sadism is a trait worth propaganda and addiction is to be proud of!

Oof! I feel like I am a misfit in this generation!