The diary of a Twitter v0yeur: Day Zero

It’s that awkward moment when your insecurities and inadequacies suddenly stand up and do dappangoothu in front of our eyes. All the affection and lou on Twitter suddenly starts to * point and loff * at you. When that bird at the right hand top corner of your browser is always lit up. It’s that moment when you are slowly going mental.

Daily routine – switch off the alarm and Tweet about having woken up. Take the phone to the toilet and refresh a million times. A strange connection all these addictions have with number two. Apparently nicotine has that effect on people too! 😉

Get to work and open Chrome before Outlook. Tweet about the traffic. Get into a meeting and Tweet about the agency. Go for lunch and tweet about food. The Twitter people were cooler than the ones sitting across the lunch table. You were cooler on Twitter than while sitting across a lunch table.

That thing that everyone is talking about – addiction or whatever – this is how it feels. If you still are in denial, ask your #poochandi how much better he thinks you’ve been performing before you really got popular on Twitter! That!

From an addict then, I’ve turned a gawker (okay, v0yuer) and this is my diary. There is a week’s time lag, yes I know. If you Tweeted to me today, it’ll definitely be responded to in a week. Think you can wait?