The woman that wants to be grazed on!


I’ve not been intrigued and left in awe by any other other piece of literature in a long time. The day the music of Endhiran was released, I woke up early in the morning to download the songs and listen to them (I live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Couldn’t possibly have bought one off the shelves). Of all the songs in the film, Kilimanjaro took me through a totally different literary (not musical) experience. Pa. Vijay had new lessons in S3x(uality) for us! I was very very impressed. So, I took the burden on me to translate the lyrics in English for the benefit of those who can not enjoy the same in Tamil. Better late than never, isn’t it?

Disclaimer: Please excuse my lack of knowledge to translate words like kinnikozhi. Please enlighten me if you know better. Also please excuse if the words don’t rhyme in English.

Male: Kilimanjaro mountain-woman manjaro dimple manjaro who who?
Mohanjodaro who entered you? who dug your bag? Who slowly dug? (Change made on 07 Jul 2011 after an advice from Madhan Karky) who who?

Female: Hey forest dweller, bite me green,
Bake with your kisses and peel with your lion-teeth!
Come like a snake and catch the deer.
Add salt and pepper and make me a soup and drink!

Male: Eve’s sister is with me
Is this man-height olive fruit fully for me?

Chorus: Once in a way, you wrap me
Once in a way, you count my kiss

Male: Hey green of a plant, hey lemon, on you is my life’s desire

Female: In my Hundred crore nerves, your name is the music

Male: Sweet spinach, hey sugar, you are folding my heart in two

Female: I am a soaked fruit, slowly dry me and bite.

Male: I am the sun light that penetrates the root, you have kept a leaf-screen

Female:Lock your lip with mine and open after eons with love.

Female: Hey forest dweller, hey happy-go-lucky,
I am a skin-instrument (meaning skin covered percussion), please play me.

Male: Hey, fruit that does not poke my skin,
hey wing-ed moon that celebrates gender
(Is my loose translation of paal kondaadum nila. Paal as in Aanpaal, Pennpaal?)

Female: I am a tree body, you are a woodpecker
I am a forest, you are a forest dweller

Male: 100 grams is your waist
Hereon, I am your dress

Female: I am a five-foot tall plant, please graze on me

Male: If you are the green, young grass, Tigers can eat grass, why not?!